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As of April 2015, I have completed my first visit to Teheran, so to Iran. I think some of my entries from now on, will be about my impressions from this journey.   
In the era of communication and internet, Iran doesn’t have much sources and the existing ones include completely contradictory information. One side, there are the propaganda materials of the government, on the other hand there are sites and photos showing Iran as if it’s a boogeyman etc. My most important source was the photos which my husband took during his former visits.

The subject of "What should I wear?" entirely occupied my headlines. I knew that nowadays they weren’t hanging around in black chadors like in Saudi Arabia. Unfortunately, even I, the casualwear & leggings person, could barely find two pieces in my wardrobe. So I drove to the mall to spend some money.
Luckily, the brands I like, have kimono-like creations this season that I could easily find comfy shirts and tops to wear with leggings and shorts. The delicate colorful scarfs I like to wear around my neck all along the winter/summer in Turkey, the long shirts, t-shirts, kimonos, topcoats and skinny pants made perfect combinations. I made my ballet pumps too. Just before getting off the plane the scarf which was around my neck went up to my head and Voila! I was adapted quickly.  

Was I a bit eccentric with those clothes in Teheran? Especially, the more than jealous, envying look on some of the ladies eyes (in black chadors) hurt me a bit. My outfit wasn’t revealing but I guess it was the colors that attracted them. As far as I saw, even though all of them doesn’t put on chador, they usually wear black. I asked to our host if it was traditional and he explained “They prefer to be invisible by wearing black”.

Sharia patrols don’t wander around in their black uniforms anymore but it is told that they may suddenly appear by your side and take you to the police station just because you were dressed colorful and attractive. There isn’t any violence etc. They just release you after signing a paper claiming "I will not be dressed up like that again".
European women or a bit higher status Iranian women manage it by putting a fine scarf on their hair and a top covering their hips. However Asian (Korean, Philippine etc.) women don’t cover any thing in the offices. I don’t know why. I don’t know if they have ever had a situation with Sharia patrols.

I will share all the information as soon as I learn the details. Keep following me curious ones! ;)

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  1. Hi there! interesting blog! Are you still living in Iran? have you been there for long? I would very much appreciate if you would be willing to share some other impressions with me, i am working on an article 'What expat women are saying about Iran' - it can be anonymous if you like. My e-mail is elika.ansari@gmail.com
    Thanks in advance!

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