1 Mayıs 2015 Cuma


Our plane landed at İmam Humeyni Airport outside the city. The sun was about to rise. Just like every other highway in the world, the huge lined up billboards attracted my attention. As a matter of fact, there was almost nothing to see besides them. The interesting thing about the billboards was that no matter what was the advertisement about, there wasn’t any human visual in it, or there was just a hand or something…

With the effect of my loginess from sleep and the confusion, I thought that it was about the negative point of view of Islamic world on the usage of face figures.

My thought was demolished fast.

The sun was rising while we were entering the city and the beautiful graffitis were the first things who made me already love Teheran.  

Some of them had traditional motifs, some of them were made to honor the martyrs of the revolution, and the others just represented pastoral views.

Most of them covered the entire wall freely just like it was dedicated to the artist. I guess they gave a less restricted space to youth this way. As I was writing this entry, I have just learned that they have also a graffiti festival.

Unfortunately the car was going fast and there wasn’t enough light to take the photo of these beautiful graffittis but I have prepared a little compilation of the Walls of Teheran.

Hope to see these kind of beauties in my city...  

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